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Professional property management services for
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Real Estate Property Management:
Commercial Properties

Maximizing your rent per square foot

Retail, Commercial, Industrial

RE/MAX Executive Property Management specializes in:

  • mixed-use commercial and residential properties
  • commercial retail space
  • industrial complexes

Recognizing that clients need to keep their properties fully occupied and maximize their square foot rental income, RE/MAX Executive Property Management helps clients lower their expenses, increase their revenues, and maintain strong tenant relationships through:

  • strategic budgeting
  • in-depth asset analysis
  • comprehensive preventative maintenance programs
  • accurate financial reporting to monitor their ROI

Client & Tenant Communication

RE/MAX Executive Property Management understands that commercial property owners and tenants differ in their investment styles and desired level of communication, so interaction is customized to meet their preferences. Still, a wide range of universal services make working with the Commercial Division of RE/MAX Executive Realty easy and efficient.

Open Communication

Daily questions or concerns are promptly addressed by phone or e-mail. Property managers and office personnel are on-call throughout regular business hours to respond personally and professionally.

Emergency Response

Emergency Maintenance is available through a 24-hour hotline, with a 30-minute guaranteed response from time of call.

Ongoing Rapport

A dedicated property manager is assigned to each client and maintains an ongoing dialogue with their tenants. This property manager will also periodically visit the property in the interest of improved tenant relations, as well as to review property condition.

Easy On-line Information Access

Through a secured website, clients and tenants can access their pertinent information whenever and whenever they need it.

Financial Management

RE/MAX Executive Property Management serves as a reliable business partner in helping clients plan, budget, and improve their cash flow.

Rent Collection

Rents are promptly collected and all new tenants made aware of a Zero Tolerance late rent policy.

Accounts Receivable

Rents are accounted for using state-of-the art property management software.

Accounts Payable

Bills are paid on time and accurately reflected on a monthly financial statement.

Monthly Statements

Each month, clients can expect a detailed monthly financial report itemizing all accounts receivables and payables along with a rent roll and complete property condition notes.


Managing and distributing the costs of the common area expenses assures that the client is passing on all expenses to their net tenants. A detailed financial report will reflect all activity.


Commercial clients can count on accurate budgeting to strategically plan for the short and long term use of their properties.

Legal & Eviction

In the event that legal proceedings are needed, the prominent Law firm of Roche and Murphy will carry out the eviction process and associated legal proceedings.


All banking is conducted through Middlesex Savings Bank. Security deposits are held in separate escrow savings accounts, where yearly interest is calculated and dispersed to tenants.

Maintenance Management

RE/MAX Executive Property Management is responsible for all maintenance. We can guarantee cost savings to our clients in all areas of maintenance management. Paved roadways will be cleared, buildings and grounds will be maintained, and emergency repairs will be performed.

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Choose RE/MAX as your property manager to protect your assets and increase long term value.